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With broad training, engineering, sustainability and technology experience, Central Solutions specialise in delivering dynamic training programmes covering disciplines such as: process excellence, sustainability and compliance training. Online courses are available to learners on-demand 24/7 and on any device, offering flexible access to learning for our clients around the world. 

Training and Compliance Courseware:

•    GDPR PassTM
•    Information Security PassTM
•    Sustainability PassTM
•    Lean Yellow Belt
•    Lean Green Belt
•    Management & Leadership
•    Water Stewardship Standard


Enterprise/Corporate licensing

Depending on our clients’ requirements, we offer customised programmes and off-the-shelf online courses. To purchase Enterprise or Corporate-level course licenses, please contact our office at sales@central-solutions.com

Purchasing a Course on the Store

You will need to create an account on our learning portal to purchase a course; once you have purchased a course you will be enrolled automatically on the course in our learning portal environment.

Learn More

To read client testimonials and case studies or for more information about our online training and compliance solutions, please visit our company site to find our full contact details.

For Support Queries

Please send support queries to support@central-solutions.com


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